Power Kush


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Lemon Kush

The dominant aroma of Power Kush is a fruity tang, with pronounced citrus tones. The headphones have a more sharp, conical smell. Meanwhile, the grinding or gathering of broken buds of the Afghan roots of this tribe is revealed, clearly in the rich aroma of spices and something similar to patchouli. Power Kush burns with hard, delicious stabbing smoke when ignited in a pipe or joint. This smoke is sweet and peppery on the exhale.

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girl scout cookies wax

Power Kush quickly hits both barrels – at the same time when users detect a strong blow around the temple, they may notice a twitch in their cerebral thought patterns. In the right attitude and attitude, the inner monologues of smokers are harder to hurry, take on a freely associative character and often stop at certain topics. Truly it is an adaptation creat for rockers who like to punch and drink about the big problems of life. Despite that introspection, the Power Kush also offers an amazing high-body look.

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purple haze


While Power Kush is unlikely to exclude users directly from bats, it can lose motivation to perform more physically active tasks such as exercising or performing tasks. Fortunately, the load leaves the consciousness stimulated and awake, free to work with everything from analytical responses to problem-oriented tasks to service brainstorming to more talkative creative projects. However, as it progresses, the appeasement of this tribe can exaggerate even an engaged brain, simply distorting smokers and leaving them the pleasure of retaliating in peace. Due to the mostly dormant vibrations, this is the trunk that is best reserve for evening use during sleep.

shatter wax

These versatile effects can also be very beneficial for some patients with medical cannabis. Its pleasant, uplifting mental properties can temporarily improve the worrying symptoms of stress and depression. His thorough physical calming can also soothe pain, either due to a chronic illness or a minor injury. In sufficiently high doses, Power Kush can even extinguish insomnia in a deep and restful sleep.

Because in some cases a cerebral infarction of this strain can lead to paranoia.

Power Kush is not recommend for patients who are prone to panic or have low tolerance to THC.

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Bubba Kush

Fortunately for home growers, Dinafem has made Power Kush seeds available for sale online. Once obtaine, it can be grown indoors or outdoors, although successful outdoor cultivation requires.

A semi-humid climate with daily temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plants usually reach medium height, although growers need to be vigilant when pruning broad fan.

leaves that can prevent light and air from providing nutritious flowers with low growth.

Power Kush flowers in a short seven to 8 weeks when grown indoors and.

can offer up to 51 grams per square meter of plant.

Hindu Kush

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1 Ounce = $250, quarter pound = $550, Half pound =$750, 1 pound =$1200, 2 pounds =$2250


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