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Master Kush: A true classic indica

Master Kush strain og seeds can be described as the master cultivar, the one to rule them all. This superb indica delivers next-level couch-lock experiences. One may discover that inside the couch dwells a hidden universe filled with intergalactic treasures and half-eaten sandwiches. Master Kush won the first prize at Highlife Cup 2017 for being the ultimate Kush.

This cultivar originates from the Hindu Kush mountain range, the birthplace of amazing landrace indicas. Master Kush changed the world with its earthy and narcotic essence. Earthy and lemony aromas emanate from the plants; however, they’re quite mellow – perfect for stealthy operations. The THC levels span between 15-18%, a relatively potent concentration.  flowers in only 8.5 weeks, ideal for eager growers.

 Cannabis Strain: Smooth, Stoney Smoke That Hits Hard

It’s hard not to fall in love with Master Kush once its effects find their way to your consciousness. It slowly creeps up on you… so be careful or you may end up really, really baked. This is one of those strains where you underestimate how medicated you are. Considered to be a heavy strain that helps most with chronic aches and pains, appetite stimulation, arthritis/inflammation, insomnia, PTSD, and depression.

If someone asked me what I thought of Master Kush og seeds, I’d have to say that it is one of my favorite marijuana strains to medicate with in the afternoons to unwind. It’s perfect for any patient that is looking for a very heavy, yet soothing effect with just 1-2 hits. Great plant, great effects, just great overall…

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1 Ounce = $250, quarter pound = $550, Half pound =$750, 1 pound =$1200, 2 pounds =$2000


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