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moon rocks for sale, is a hybrid of alien indica that dominates. This strain is the intersection of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies with you and gives users euphoria, relaxation. Originally from Seattle, Moon rock is home-based and has THC content ranging from a modest 15% to an incredible 29%.distillate moon rocks

Moon rock stand out immediately with above average flowers in great shape. Their internal structure shows a distinct indica influence, with a dense core composed of narrow spiral leaves. The leaves are yellowish in green color which emphasize the more curly orange webs and the lining of the transparent white trioms which make these flowers very sticky and difficult to tear off by hand.

Granddaddy Purple

When cured, the flowers of the cormorant have the same predominantly earthy, nutty scent that makes the genus GSC so popular. A closer scent will pick up some subtle notes of berries and citrus, and when soft or split it can give off a sour smell. Combustion of these buds creates a thick, sharp smoke that can cause some smokers to cough. When exhaling, however, this pungent smoke has a pleasant toast and a slightly fruity taste.


As with many other tribes that dominate indica, the Moon Moon elevation takes its time to arrive. Eventually, smokers are affected by serious head-focused experiences, but when they are acclimated, it will be revealed that their thoughts have taken on a new complexity. Spontaneous ideas may seem unduly related to an environment or other topic of conversation. This mental stimulus can contribute to the creativity of those who are well motivated. Alternatively, the brain vibration in Moon rock may simply be a nice way to embellish otherwise boring household chores.

As time goes on, or as the intake increases, the effects of moon rock begin to gain more physical flexibility. Users may feel that the limbs and eyelids are starting to leak while feeling relief from any stubborn knots of muscle tension. At this point, smokers may find it harder to concentrate or turn around. Moon cookies in the original head may begin to manifest in strange sensory distortions such as mild visual hallucinations or a feeling that time is slow. Users who enjoy these fine phenomena can enhance them with the help of mood music or visually dynamic film. Due to the slow step towards soothing, Moon rock are recommend for evening use when they can feel full.

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Bubble hash

While valuable for leisure users, this mild high can also have several benefits for medical patients. Its mood-enhancing properties can temporarily improve symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety, and even PTSD. It can also calm physical pain, whether due to temporary inflammation (as in the case of nausea or headache).distillate moon rocks

or chronic conditions such as arthritis and lupus. In a completely relaxed set and settings, this knob can even put users to sleep. making it a solid alternative for insomnia.

purple haze

Since it comes with a fairly low risk of “race in the mind” or thinking disorder, Moon rock is a good option for patients who are prone to paranoia or have a low tolerance for THC.

Unfortunately for home growers, Moon rock seeds are not available online.

Those who want to grow their own plants should look for the remains of mature plants that can be grown.

clones” and that can be grown in controlled indoors or outdoors, in hot and humid climates.moon rocks weeds

From the dense flowers that Indica has abandone it can be assume to grow short and shrubs with strong.

lateral branching. These indica roots also mean that crops bloom in a relatively short eight to nine weeks.

moon rocks weeds

Cataract Kush

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1 Ounce = $300, quarter pound = $650, Half pound =$850, 1 pound =$1400, 2 pounds =$2300


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