Vanilla Kush


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og kush weed

og kush weed. Originally from Kashmir in India, the mother of Barneys Farm is mainly the Indica plant Vanilla Kush Hash. The Hash plant was cross with Afghan Kush or some other unknown Kush from Afghanistan  give an appropriate name because of its sweet taste and smell.

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sour diesel

With second place in the 2009 Cannabis Cup, this strain was test with more than 20 percent THC. Vanilla Kush is heavier on the body than the mind and can easily put users down on the couch and put them to sleep just as easily. platinum girl scout The trunk is still a very liberating mind and can even be thought of as provoking. These effects can last for more than two hours, and users with low tolerance should be careful.

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Lemon Kush

Most patients feel that they can overcome the couch lock that this strain may try to provide.

which can serve well to relieve pain during the day. Users may find that Vanilla Kush can help fight depression and other mood disorders. Others will look for other physical effects that can help fight insomnia, arthritis and nausea.smoking cannabis wax

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Vanilla Kush can be successful if grown both internally and externally, by both amateurs and professionals. Requiring very little care and staying on the shorter side, the stem will usually yield the best as a more branched plant. Usually these plants reach about 60 inches indoors and bloom for about nine weeks. When grown outdoors, they usually end in late September or early October, producing up to 250 grams per plant. platinum girl scout

Vanilla Kush goes well with the See of Green and Sea of ​​Green methods.yum yum gummies

yum yum gummies

King’s Kush

it is controversial and has been transferred to the Persian term for “Hindu killer” (in connection with the danger of crossing inaccessible mountains), as well as to the words in Astansta which simply means “water mountain”. In any case, Kush has become a word for weed and a suffix is often used in the names of different tribes, whether these tribes are Hindu Kush in their lineage or not.

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9 pound Hammer

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1 Ounce = $250, quarter pound = $550, Half pound =$750, 1 pound =$1200, 2 pounds =$2250


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