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You look ridiculous and don’t know why? Maybe because you just had a little powerful Purple Haze. The Purple Haze is a tribe favored by sativa that got its name from its genus and from a 1967 song by Jimi Hendrix. This bud is considered a separate phenotype of the Haze variety, although some cannabis lovers follow its vine to the cross between the Haze and the indeterminate purple indica flower. Either way, the bud offers mentally stimulating effects as well as a complex, berry flavor.

The purple haze makes its attraction beyond the bad, with medium to large flowers that maintain a shovel-like shape, tapering from a broad base to a pointed tip. Despite their sativa heritage, these buds have a relatively loose structure with soft and fluffy flowers that dissolve easily from the central stems. The leaves themselves are patches of moss green and deep purple that gives this stem its name. Finally, these flowers are coated with sticky trichomes and represent their psychoactivity.

As with many other sativa dominant sativa, pineapple haze acts quickly, giving a rush of blood to the head, thus increasing blood pressure around the eyes and temples; Some smokers may also notice an increase in saliva production. Such head-on symptoms serve as a warning for what is to come, as smokers soon notice difficulties in their thinking patterns.

Ideas can have new brain meanings that they would never have had before, which will lead to consumers deepening their own internal logic. This buzzing mental energy can also remove some traditional cognitive inhibitions, allowing free flow of creativity and brainstorming. In the right environment and setting, Pineapple Haze allows smokers to focus on performing complex tasks or work-related strategies.

The same motivational features that allow this development to reinforce the user’s inner monologue can perform it, making it a great way to improve social situations through simple, uninterrupted conversation. Pineapple fog has relatively few physical effects, although some smokers may notice a slight twist on the eyelids and limbs after only a few hours.

While this subtle relaxation can lead to some drowsiness, it can also encourage the right combination of mental and physical commitment that provides the basis for exercise – or even sex, if the conditions and society are right. This fruit bud weighs longer than average, so it is recommended to be enjoyed in the morning or afternoon, as long as smokers feel able to maintain lucidity under the influence of such strong sativa.

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