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Afghanistan is the original “landrace” genus in Afghanistan and is a pure indicator that is valued for its strength and robust genetics. Perfect and balanced through centuries of natural selection and human cultivation, this seasonal variation was probably brought to the West before Afghanistan banned cannabis production in 1973 under pressure from the Nixon administration. Afghans have been used to grow popular pedigrees like northern lights and blueberries, both winners of the Cannabis Cup. In the raging market of the new Križevci tribes, this building block – also known as the Afghan # 1 – may be harder to pass. The THC content is high from 15 to 20% and the CBD level is 0.6%.

The hardened Afghan buds are pale to medium green with a predominance of orange hair and a thick coating of trichomes. They should be very resinous and sticky when you touch them. This is a famous sharp strain: Afghan nuggets have an unpleasant smell like diesel with notes of citrus. Earthy notes intensify when the buds are marked or open. As with many indications, the smoke is hard and thick and can hang in the back of the throat and cause a cough.

As a pure indication, recreational users in Afghanistan can expect deep body height and generally penetrating relaxation. Some users also report appetite stimulation. Plan to consume at night, alone or with good friends, as this strain tends to make the couch difficult to lock and drowsy.

The medical effects derive from the same sedative properties. Afghan soft euphoria is useful in treating anxiety and PTSD. Almost intoxicating effects on the body can also be used to relieve chronic pain. Above all, this tribe hosts its ability to alleviate insomnia and promote deep sleep.

The Afghan high comes like a wave, gradually bending over you and making it easier for you to calm down. Mental effects are present but small and manifest themselves more as spatial satisfaction than as new thinking or clarity. When users reach their peak, they can experience greater physical awareness along with feelings of strong relaxation. Because this load does less to promote activity and mobility, you can be sure that your environment is soothing and familiar before consuming.

Afghani is a comfortable houseplant with its short, bushy stem between 2 and 4 meters high. Plants can give a quick high yield – flowering usually begins around the 8th week, with a full harvest possible after 4 months. Although the species is endemic to the mountainous Central Asian climate, it can be grown outdoors at similar latitudes. Look for thick, conical colic as the plants mature.

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