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Strawberry lemon THC 46.67%

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About this Hybrid Strain Strawberry lemon

Strawberry lemon cake drop, A well cultivated and properly cured batch of Strawberry Lemonade bombards you with a delicious strawberry scent. This trait comes from one of its parent strains, Strawberry Cough. The scent can be a little sour with citrus undertones, but that’s due to its other genetic heritage which stems from Lemon OG. Taste-wise, it offers a very berry appeal on the exhale

Most Strawberry Lemonade buds will look like little cauliflowers, as they tend to cluster in their formation. Their flowers are sage green and will have a lovely layer of trichomes easily detectable, giving it a white appearance from a distance.  Strawberry lemon cake drop

THC content varies, from the mid-teens to the high 20’s so always check the label first so you can choose the proper amount to use. If you happen to overdo it, a mild bout of anxiety may set in so do be careful.

While mood will enhance a little, its consumers say they expect to have improved mental focus and analytical skills.. Some find that it does tend to increase heart rate and will provide a boost of energy before tapering off into a light lethargy. Some consumers explain that they have used this strain to get in a work-out session before the high wears down and helps them relax.


Strawberry Lemonade is a sativadominant strain that is an award-winner with good reason. This strain is all about making you feel happy and invigorates, making it an ideal choice for those days when you just need a pick-me-upper. This hybrid is soothing and will make you feel more positively about your day.

This uplifting hybrid is always a good choice because it can make you feel relaxed when you need it to, without making you want to melt into the nearest couch. Strawberry Lemonade has strong body effects that will make you feel refreshed and newly inspired.

Strawberry Lemonade can induce a gentle feeling of euphoria, mixed with other alternating feelings of positivity. This delicious hybrid will make you feel thoroughly uplifted, and can give you a solid burst of energy, especially if you are naturally a bit active by nature.

Fragrance Strawberry lemon

Strawberry Lemonade is a solid choice if you are easily sways by a strain’s aromatic values. This sativa hybrid smells like fresh citrus fruits, with a distinct sour lemon smell dominating its presence. A sweet and sugary hint will continue to hang in the air as an afterthought of its vivid scent. Strawberry lemon cake drop


Strawberry Lemonade has a scent that is the direct result of a number of influences. This tasty hybrid contains hints of strawberry and lemon, with a fresh citrus and zest being a dominant factor. Its sweet and spicy berry notes complete what is now known as a unique explosion of flavors.

Adverse Reaction

Strawberry Lemonade has some relatively minor side effects that may inconvenience you, so it is recommended to stick to a dosage you are used to, in order to minimize them. This hybrid is very likely to leave you with a dry mouth, making you feel dehydrated.

Other adverse effects you may experience with this strain are a mild bout of paranoia. Strawberry Lemonade can also make your eyes feel dry and itchy, adding to the feeling of being dehydrated. A general feeling of anxiety may also be present and result in a slight headache.


Strawberry Lemonade can greatly improve the lives of many long-suffering patients, as this strain is a very useful healer in general.


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